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To authors

To optimize the preparation of publishing editorial staff accept authors' manuscripts and the accompanying documents required with the following:

1. The volume of articles is about 18400 characters with spaces. Requirements for computer typesetting: A4, size 12, font Times New Roman, line spacing 1.5, page numbers at the bottom center, margins: left - 30 mm, right - 10 mm, from the top and bottom text lines to the border of the sheet - 20 mm.

2 . Requirements for the article:

2.1. Content of the article must match the journals' profile.

2.2. Each article must begin with:

  • name;
  • initials and surname of the author(s);
  • place of employment of the author(s);
  • brief summary of contents of the manuscript (3-4 lines, should not repeat the title);
  • a list of keywords (5-10).

All – in Russian and English.

2.3. Availability of bibliographic lists is compulsory (at least five sources).

2.4. Tables, illustrations, charts, graphs must have titles and references to them in the text.

3 . Other regulations

3.1. The author is responsible for the accuracy of information in his manuscripts, quotations and correct instructions titles in the bibliography.

3.2. Manuscripts in violation of these requirements will not be considered and will not be returned .

3.3. In case of rejection of the manuscript by the decision of the editorial board (based on internal review), the author recieves a reasoned refusal, rejected manuscripts will not be returned.

3.4. The articles can be sent to the editor (in a .doc format) via the Internet (E-mail: sales@itkor.ru). The materials of the article should be accompanied by information about the author (RINC_form).

3.5. Providing articles for publication means delegation of the right to publish to publisher, including publishing on the Internet.

3.6. The diagrams should be included in MS Excel.

3.7. Requirements for mathematical formulas: Formulas should be typed in Microsoft Equation (present in the composition WORD), the program MathType or character type. Insert formulas in the form of images of any format will not be accepted.

3.8. Requirements for tables: Table should be done in Excel or WORD, in the latter case, using tabs and tables tool inserts in the form of images of any format will not be accepted.


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