Editorial staff

Barilenko V.I., ScD (Economics), professor, Head of Economic Analysis Department of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation;

Science editor
Novikov D.T., ScD (Economics), professor, head of Department "Innovative logistics", JSC ITKOR.

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Popova O.N.

Editorial board

Yakutin Y.V., ScD (Economics), professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, President of the Academy of Management and Business Administration (Chairman);

Adamov N.A., Editor in Chief, ScD (Economics), professor, Head of Financial Department of the Russian University of Cooperation;

Amurzhuyev O., Sc.D (Economics), Schulich Executive Education Centre (School of Business at York University);

Anikin B.A., ScD (Economics), professor, head of the Logistical Department, State University of management;

Chzhan D., PhD, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University;

Gerami V.D., Doctor of technical Sciences, professor, head of Department «Management of logistics infrastructure», National Research University Higher School of Economics;

Kiselev V., independent expert, Salveo Group (France);

Kozenkova T.A., Sc.D (Economics), professor, Honored Economist of the Russian Federation, the deputy director-general of Economics and Life Publishing House JSC;

Mekid Ali, Doctor, professor of State University (Medea, Algeria);

Netti D., independent expert, Chief executive of Mediterranean Logistics Association (Italy);

Nizhegorodtsev R.M., Sc.D (Economics), professor, head of Laboratory of economic dynamics, Institute of Control Sciences V.A. Trapeznikov Academy of Sciences;

Nosov A.L., Sc.D (Economics), professor, head of Department of Economics and human resource management, Vyatka state University of Humanities;

Protsenko I.O., Sc.D (Economics), professor, head of Department of corporate governance, internal management, logistics, restructuring and strategic management, The Russian Presidential Academy of National economy and public administration (RANEPA);

Protsenko O.D., Sc.D (Economics), professor, Advisor to the rector, Deputy Director of the Institute of management and marketing, The Russian Presidential Academy of National economy and public administration (RANEPA);

Stepanov V.I., Sc.D (Economics), professor, head of Department of business and logistics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics;

Shumayev V.A., Sc.D (Economics), professor of Department of business and marketing, Moscow Witte University;

Podvoisky G.L., PhD, a leading researcher at the Institute of economic policy and the problems of economic stability, Finance University;

Rishar J., professor of Paris Dauphine University;

Sharipov M., Sc.D (Economics), professor, Rector of Tajik State University of Commerce;

Skorobogatova T., Sc.D (Economics), professor, head of Department of State and Regional management, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University;

Temirbulatov A., Sc.D (Economics), professor, JSC « Financial Academy» of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Tultabayev S., PhD, docent, Kazakhstan institute of marketing and management;

Zrazhevskiy V., Sc.D (Economics), Deputy Director of the RCB Bank Ltd.

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