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About journal

"RISK: Resources, Information, Supply, Competition" is a theoretical and scientific and practical analytical Magazine that publishes scientific and practical articles on business management in logistics, marketing, finance, innovation and risk management.

The mission of the magazine - the publication and discussion of research findings and best practices on a wide range of topical issues of national economy related to logistics, market conditions, financial and information management software in the market conditions.

The journal is included in the list of HAC (Higher Attestation Commission). Speciality group: 08.00.00 – economic science.

Frequency: Quarterly.

Publisher: Institute ITKOR, published since 1991.

Volume edition: more than 300 pages.

Institute ITKOR - a stableRussiancompany foundedin 1966. ITKOR has a great experience in marketing sphere and marketing research, development and promotion of new products, brands and business directions, sales management, logistics, formation of business plans for attraction Russian and foreign investment.

Institute ITKOR implements programs for professional training, professional development and corporate training, followed by the issuance of state documents. We alsoorganize conferences and roundtable discussions.The Institute is the publisher of specialized and analytical journals in logistics, marketing and finance in the B2B segment


  • logistics management
  • logistics and marketing
  • logistics and supply chain ??management
  • innovative development
  • market conditions
  • marco- and microeconomics
  • regional and branch economy
  • risk-management
  • information technology
  • finance, monetary circulation and credit
  • accounting and analytical and management support in organizations
  • organization and management methods
  • foreign economic activity

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